Rab Kalil is a fresh new member of Two Section who first accompany the team on a humanitarian mission in Nepal.

He's a young guy who could have gone to university but chose to join the army. Patriotic, funny, bright as a button – he puts Brains to shame because Brains has got a few GCSEs but Rab has got A levels.

Series 3: The Nepal Tour Edit

Rab spends his first mission in Nepal aiding the injured and building shelter for the victims of an earthquake.

Rab is injured after hitting his head on a window during a reckless drive, he is seen with a bandage on his forehead then later a smaller band aid throughout the season.

In a later mission in Afghanistan Rab is wounded again, this time more serious. He had a bullet wound to his left arm and a piece of shrapnel which had unknowingly punctured his lung. This resulted in Two Section Medic, Georgie Lane, to revive him back to health.

Rab is later sent home to England as a result of his injuries.

Relationships Edit

Maisie Richards:

Rab develops an obvious liking for Maisie quickly into the series, but Maisie makes it very clear she is not interested. As the season develops it becomes evident that she cares for him more than she lets.

Additional Facts and Trivia Edit

  1. His favorite sport is Badminton
  2. Does not like Soccer
  3. Loves Facebook
  4. Agrees with pineapple being on pizza